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All Our Kin

414A Chapel Street, Suite 100
New Haven, CT 06511

We now know more about children’s early growth and development than ever before. In fact, we know that children’s brains are literally built in the first few years of life! This means that is critical for infants and toddlers to be in child care settings where they are safe, loved, and learning. Unfortunately, an acute lack of quality, affordable child care for young children means that many children with working parents are not in these nurturing settings. All Our Kin is changing this narrative through an innovative approach that invests in communities so every child has the opportunity to thrive. We find women dedicated to the success of children in their community, and we provide them with resources, training, and support to create enriching child care programs in home-based settings. All Our Kin serves a mighty network of over 400 family child care providers in Connecticut who ensure that more than 2,400 children are in quality care. In 2015 alone, All Our Kin served 271 caregivers in Fairfield County, who have the capacity to educate and care for 1,338 children. Our model works. Not only has All Our Kin increased the supply of child care for infants and toddlers across Southern Connecticut, but a recent study found that All Our Kin providers scored on average 50% better than non-All Our Kin providers on measures of quality in family child care! With our Bridgeport and Stamford offices being the newest additions to our organization, we are constantly looking for ways to better support providers and families in Southwestern Connecticut and grow our network there. Funds raised on Giving Day will be used to expand services that directly enhance family child care programs in Fairfield County, so that every child gets the start they need to succeed in life.
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