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Friends of Sherwood Island State Park

PO Box 544
Westport, CT 06881

Our purpose is to preserve, maintain, improve and enhance Sherwood Island State Park for the benefit of the general public and for the native animals and plants living in or passing through the park. Our organization provides volunteers for the park's summer Nature Center, and helps improve park facilities and habitats. We will use funds raised on Giving Day for our Wildlife habitat improvement projects, especially a new pollinator garden, and dune restoration.
The funds raised on giving day will be used for our four gardening projects to benefit birds, butterflies, and the coastal plant and animal communities in the park. The funds will buy tools, supplies and plants. Our focus is to: 1) Continue dune restoration by planting dune grass, roses and other plants to stabilize dunes in the East Beach area. We are working with students from GFA, Boy Scouts from Westport, as well as Girl Scouts from Norwalk, in consultation with CT Sea Grant. 2) Develop a Pollinator Garden on the south side of the Nature Center to provide nectar and pollen to migrating butterflies, as well as other pollinators (bees, moths, hummingbirds, bats). We are working with local Girl Scouts with help from UConn Master Gardeners. 3) To renovate the Three Sisters Garden to provide a demonstration edibles garden. Youth groups from Westport High School and St Luke Church have helped us get started. 4) To continue maintaining and adding to the Entrance Area plantings to showcase plants that are beneficial to wildlife, such as Wild Oats, Echinacea, Red Oak and Asters. We have had help from families and individuals in this work.
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